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We felt the need to fill the gap in the Middle East market for affordable, great quality and most importantly beautiful home décor products. Hence s971.com was born, a one-stop webshop with a vast array of home accessories and unique gifts. We travel the world to source international brands that design and manufacture an array of unique products that are both cool, functional and affordable, many of which are not seen in the Middle East and are exclusively available at s971.com.

We will continuously add new brands and more products emphasising our motto; If we love it, we have it.

Since 1993, the designers at RoMi have been creating simple yet strong home ware and lighting designs. Taking their inspiration from the urban landscape of city life coupled with the simplicity and beauty of nature, RoMi are known for their simple yet strong designs in pure materials. The open-minded individuals behind RoMi are dedicated in all that they do and more importantly, their passion is unfounded, which is evident in the beautiful lighting solutions they offer.


Good & Mojo is a unique brand that produces sustainable lighting whilst giving back to the community. The lighting products are all made from sustainable material likes of cork, recycled paper, woodchips and bamboo. Good & Mojo support the WakaWaka Foundation, an entity that fights against energy poverty by providing solar lights to people in humanitarian aid situations in remote areas of the world.  In support of this foundation, Good & Mojo donate 5% of every lamp sold.

For Sophia, thinking is the healthiest answer to life and an extremely enjoyable mental activity. The capacity to think, to reason, to imagine the reflection of an idea or a product can allow creativity to flourish. Sophia, translated from Greek to ‘wisdom’, is a brand and a creative initiative that strives to evoke the authentic and the cultural storytelling of Greek designers through ethical trade and collaborative processes. Sophia’s eclectic range of products includes statues, bookends, wall plates, high-end cushions and vintage games and many other products…

CowParade is the largest and most successful public art event in the world. CowParade events have been staged in 79 cities worldwide since 1999. It is estimated that over 250 million people around the world have seen one our famous cows. CowParade events have raised over $20 million for non-profit organizations worldwide since 1999. The CowParade auctions are conducted like traditional art auctions with live bidding.

CowParade’s line of figurines is among the top collectibles in the world. Each figurine is an exact replica of an authentic cow created as part of a CowParade event. There are over 500 figurines in the collection.

In 2016, Cloudnola was founded by Renee Vendrig, Rita Dragoni and Christian Jimenez to provide, as they put it, “a whimsical take on time.” Based in The Netherlands, Cloudnola designs a wide range of modern and vintage-inspired clocks. Cloudnola clocks are comfortingly familiar in their basic form and function, but with fun design twists that give them a sense of freshness in today’s contemporary design landscape. Clocks are great design pieces for any home; all of Cloudnola’s products can be an accent point that ties together the decor of your home with practicality.

Founded in the early ’70s, the company is currently managed by Muris Mohebban and his two sons Daniel and Michael. Experience, tradition, quality, design, innovation and passion are the basis of Mohebban’s work. The company offers customized solutions tailored to the needs of the most demanding professionals, including a unique range of rugs that combine innovative design and excellent quality, full of charm and personality. Mohebban’s carpets are all-handmade and are produced using only the finest materials.

How a joke can grow and become a serious company; BarrelQ is a perfect example of that. In 2013, TV-maker Onno Vos figured out that he wanted to do ‘something’ with oil barrels. ‘My father is active in the oil business and I encountered someone who turned oil barrels into barbecues. It seemed like a nice trade besides my TV work. I order a full truck and assembled it myself. In the first year I sold 250 pieces, the year after that 500, and the year after that I sold 5000 pieces.’

The BarrelQ is not only one of the coolest barbecue ever, but it also serves as fire pit and side table. So it actually has 3 functions, and the barrels can be customized as desired.

MeYou offer refined and elegant cat homes, which are respectful of the design and harmony of your home in addition to the comfort of your cat. The name ‘MeYou’ highlights the cohabitation between cats and owners as well as the feeling of a cocoon. Meyou offers a line of delicate and elegant products that are timeless and beautifully decorate your homes, a flawless alternative for your cat to sleep and play.

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